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What to do about itchy ears

Don't scratch your ears

Whatever you do, don’t give into the temptation to scratch itchy ear canals (even with a cotton swab!). You could end up making it worse. Foreign objects should never be used in the ear canal as you can run the risk of injuring your eardrum, causing more dryness or even pushing ear wax further in the ear — all making for an even itchier situation.

Scratching at your ear can actually cause micro-abrasions in the ear canal. The bacteria that are normally found in the ear can then become established, causing infections. What should you do instead?

Soothe your ears

Instead of scratching at your itchy ears, try soothing them for the relief you crave. You can soothe your itchy ears with a product like Earvana, which is specially formulated as a clean solution for ear skin itch.

How does it work? Earvana Ear Rinse is a natural pH-Conditioned, Vitamin C solution that approximates the pH of the healthy ear canal. Gently rinsing with Earvana flushes away irritants, without disturbing the natural balance of your ear canal, and without leaving oily, gloppy residues, like many ear itch home remedies*. Your ears will feel fresh and clean with the very first use of Earvana.

Itchy ears are a common, irritating condition but with Earvana, you’re one rinse away from relaxing relief that feels "heavenly."

*You may have heard that olive oil or mineral oil can be used to treat itchy ears. These home remedies are not pH balanced for your ears and can leave gloppy, oily residues that trap particles in the ear canal and ooze out of the ear onto skin, bedding and clothing. We recommend avoiding these messy home “remedies”, and suggest the clean, fresh alternative found in Earvana.

Don't take our word for it Take a look at these warning and recommendations from these health professionals...

"Sticking objects in your ear canal to clean it (or to scratch an itch) often just makes matters worse. You'll likely just push the wax farther in. And that can lead to earwax buildup."

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"Using earbuds, metal objects or cleaning agents to regularly clean your ears removes the protective barrier over your sensitive ear canal skin and can cause itch and irritation."

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"Try not to scratch at all," Dr. Daveluy said. "For any skin, scratching makes the nerves that feel itch grow. So the more you scratch, the more you’ll itch."

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"While your ears may be fairly small compared to an arm or leg, they are full of sensitive neurological fibers. As a result, ears are subject to their fair share of itching. You might have chronically itchy ears simply because they're highly sensitive."

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What Causes Itchy Ears?

  • Dry climates
  • Ear plugs
  • Swimming
  • Dry winter months
  • Over use of cotton swabs
  • Central heat
  • The use of certain medications
  • Excessive ear wax
  • Hearing Aids
  • Dry skin

The Earvana Rinse kit is made from BPA free, reusable and durable plastics. It is safe, doesn’t hurt and is easy to use, when used as directed. After mixing Earvana’s clean, Vitamin C conditioning formula with warm water, a gentle stream of water will rinse ears, leaving them fresh and itch-free. It’s great for repeated use from those that regularly suffer from dry, itchy ears.

There are many causes to itchy ears and it is a very common ailment. However, some conditions require medical intervention. Earvana is not intended to treat underlying medical conditions. If problems persist, consult a physician.

Try Earvana Risk-Free Satifaction Guaranteed 30 Day Guarantee

Earvana Soothing Ear Rinse



Earvana Ear Rinse is the first ever non-greasy, non-oily solution to annoying dry ear skin itch. Use Earvana whenever ears are dry and itchy. Unlike oily, greasy ear-itch remedies, Earvana won't leave oily, gloppy residue in your ears or on your clothes. Earvana's clean Vitamin C formula is a great rinse after Summer swims, during dry Winter days, in the shower, in dry climates, for hearing aid and ear plug users, and for people taking certain ear-drying medications. All of these situations can cause annoying dry ear skin itch, so try Earvana – for Heavenly Ears!

Earvana makes your ears say, "Ah....."

  • 20 complete uses
  • For dry ear skin itch
  • Reusable Irrigator Bottle
  • Doctor Developed

Earvana Kit Contents

Earvana Bottle and Irrigator Cap

Soft LDPE BPA-Free bottle and comfort irrigator cap allow you to easily rinse your ears with a gentle squeeze. Just fill with one Earvana stick pack and very warm water for your best ear rinse ever!

Earvana pH Conditioning Powder

Earvana Vitamin C Powder conditions rinse water to be more like the pH of a healthy ear canal. 20 stick packs included provide 20 "Heavenly" ear rinses.

Earvana Bottle and Irrigator Cap

Soft LDPE bottle and comfort irrigator cap allow you to easily rinse your ears with a gentle squeeze. Just fill with one Earvana stick pack and very warm watr for your best ear rinse ever!

Earvana pH Conditioning Powder

Earvana Vitamin C Powder conditions rinse water to be more like the pH of a healthy ear canal. 20 convenient stick packs included.

Features and Benefits


Made from reusable, durable plastics free from the potentially harmful chemical compound Bisphenol-A.

Doesn't Hurt

Earvana is easy and safe to use. When used as directed, you should feel only a gentle stream of water during each rinse that leaves ears feeling fresh.

Helps Relieve Itchy Ears

Earvana's clean Vitamin C formula, mixed with very warm water, provides gentle relief from dry ear skin itch.


For convenience, rinse ears over a sink, while seated in the shower, or using an ear basin.

  1. Pour contents of 1 packet into bottle.

  2. Fill bottle with VERY WARM (not hot or cold) water*.

  3. Twist on nozzle and gently rinse each ear. Pat dry.

*VERY WARM distilled, filtered or previously boiled water. Please do not use tap or faucet water in any step unless it has been previously boiled and cooled down. If water is warmed in a microwave, warm it in increments of 5 to 10 seconds. Always ensure water temperature is not too hot before using to avoid possibly scalding your ear canal.